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2019 - 'Paradox of Modernity'

2018 – Sarvodaya’

2018 – ‘Sarvodaya’

The term Sarvodaya was pioneered by Mahatma Gandhi during the freedom struggle. Sarvodaya denotes the upliftment of the most downtrodden sections of society culturally, economically, and politically. While India has stepped into its Seventieth anniversary of independence by cementing democracy as its cornerstone, the modernization process accompanying democracy seems to have ignored numerous problems that the majority of Indians are facing.

Through the proposed theme the members encompassed the journey of change-makers who have delved into the issues affecting the backward populace and have carved a solution for their problems. These people started from rural innovators solving issues trivial to the rural populace through technology, political activists; garnering people to demand their rights or expressing dissent in varied ways, challengers to the orthodox gender divide and widespread gender violence, and people who are developing an amalgamated culture. The proposed theme showcased speakers who have actually spread freedom in every manner but have a limited social acknowledgment or whose unprecedented works are being largely ignored by the urban milieu. The event included speakers from diverse backgrounds and recorded a huge footfall making it a huge success!

2019 – ‘Paradox of Modernity’

Modernity encompasses within it various facets that are often contradictory and therefore can be viewed as paradoxical because they exist simultaneously. The speakers were from fields of Heritage Artists and educationists, modern Sufi artists, economists, activists and authors and psychologists, theater artists, and many more... Bands were performed and competitions were held. Mass participation was shown by enthusiastic audiences all over the world! The event was a huge success